Cloud DB Organization - How do I add users?

I’ve started working with the free tier, that’s great.

If I switch to a usage based account will I be able to manage logins and add users?

I’d like to make a few dashboard and be able to share the dashboards.


Hello @martymcfly,
Welcome! You can manage and create users in influxdb v2. Please take a. look at these docs for more info.

Hi Anaisdg,

The docs allow creating additional users in the database. I was wondering about the cloud UI. Will the added DB users be able to log into the Cloud UI?


Hello @martymcfly,
Oh whoops. Thanks for clarifying. Adding members is currently unavailable in InfluxDB Cloud 2.0, however I would expect it to be deployed in a few weeks.

I am also curious about this. I do not want people to have full access but I need others to be able to use/see dashboards. For example clients and lower access collaborators.

Would love to see this feature come along. We have several people who needs to watch the dashboard.

I believe that this feature is enabled now, you can invite people to your org from the Organization -> Users screen.