Chronograf shows just a blank screen


My chronograf-1.4,3.1-1 servers serves just a dark screen. No errors.

Please help.


Hey, Theo!

There’s a good chance there’s a runtime error. If you’re familiar with the inspection tool in the browser, you can use that to see if there’s a JS error.

  1. Open the tool with Cmd + Option + i
  2. Reload Chronograf
  3. Check the console in the tool for JS errors.

That’s a good place to start. You can always send us screenshots, too!

How did you install? Did you use GitHub, a service manager (like homebrew), or something else?


I downloaded and extracted the tarbal to an application directory and started from there.


I think your best option is to start over with the 1.4.4 release here.

I did. At first it looked like it has the same issue. But when I used a new firefox version it worked.


Good to know. We’ll be on the lookout for similar problems. If you come across this again, let us know and we’ll file a bug report.