Chronograf not showing line plot when group by is used

Hi all,

I have an issue with Chronograf not showing line plots when group by is used. Just removing mean and group by solves the issue.

The query seems to be just fine as results come up in the Table view:

But no line plot is shown. (As a new user, I con only show one picture :-()

In the view, it says: “The data returned from the query can’t be visualized with this graph type.”

Query with group by (no line plot in Chronograf):

SELECT mean(“D20180102_B195275”) FROM “Tebis_curves_aligned_3”.“autogen”.“dryer_T141_T01_trzp_id_10” WHERE time > 5000 AND time < 5000000000000 GROUP BY time(10m)

Working query (line plot in Chronograf):

SELECT “D20180102_B195275” FROM “Tebis_curves_aligned_3”.“autogen”.“dryer_T141_T01_trzp_id_10” WHERE time > 5000 AND time < 5000000000000

This one shows nicely in Chronograf.

I have little idea on how to solve or debug this. Any idea on what can be the issue here?

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Hello @andre.hollstein,

Thank you for your question. To start, can you please tell me what version of Chronograf and InfluxDB you’re using?

Hi @Anaisdg, sure! The Chronograf version is 1.7.11 and Influx is on version 1.7. For both, the respective docker images are used (influxdb:1.7 and chronograf:1.7).

hmm that’s strange. Are you collecting system stats?
Does this query work for you?

SELECT mean("usage_system") AS "mean_usage_system" FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."cpu" WHERE time > :dashboardTime: GROUP BY time(10m) FILL(null)

Also, can you try your query with selecting a date in this format?

time > '2018-06-03T00:00:00Z' 

This didn’t work either. The screenshot shows the problem maybe more clear.

Top: Query with group by gives no result when a line graph is selected.
Middle: Switching to Table view, shows results.
Bottom: Just removing the group by an mean gives a nice plot.

Nothing else was changes.

I’m quite puzzled on how to solve this.

I sort of solved the issue. It seems that starting the time series from 1970-01-01 was the issue.

When using:

WHERE time < ‘1970-01-02T00:00:00Z’ AND time > ‘1970-01-01T00:10:00Z’ GROUP BY time(3m)

it works just fine.

Seems like a bug for me.