Chronograf High Availability

Hello Community,

How to deploy a chronograf on kubernetes with High availability (multiple instances & load balancer) … Is there any references for this ?

Are you using InfluxDB 2.0 or 1.8?

Hi , we are using InfluxDB 1.8

We haven’t created the helm chart to support the HA Chronograf mode. But if you want to open an issue here or maybe contribute to that effort. Go here:

Can you let me know how to pass list of 3 etcd endpoints via environment variable while deploying chrongraf image

I believe this is documented here: Chronograf configuration options | Chronograf 1.8 Documentation


comma separated list

Thanks, i was able to set up. However I m trying to migrate data from old chronograf to new chronograf with chronoctl tool following official documentation, and migration says successful, but i cannot find the old chronograf users migrated to new Chronograf. Is this a limitation ? apart from users and kapacitor connections , everything else is migrated…

here is the migration logs …

Performing non-idempotent db migration from “bolt:///tmp/chronograf-v1.db” to “etcd://root:abc@infra-etcd-cluster-client.etcd:2379”…
NOTICE: New IDs will be generated for each resource.
Saved 1 organizations.
Saved 1 organization configs.
Saved 3 dashboards.
Saved 1 mappings.
Saved 1 servers.
Saved 1 sources.
Migration successful!

Looks like a defect. fix(chronoctl): migrate users also by glinton · Pull Request #5574 · influxdata/chronograf · GitHub

thanks… is there any way currently to migrate users from old to new , without doing them manually ? we have over 200 users in chronograf , adding them manually is tedious. I did try with API POST call. However , API post method is not supoorting for multiple users… i could do only one user at a time …