Chronograf GUI alert configuration missing functions

I just installed Telegraf, InfluxDB, Kapacitor and Chronograf latest versions.
I have already collected some SNMP data from few network devices and what to setup some basic alerting via Chronograf-> Alerting → Create.
I try to follow documentation here:

But UI loks a bit different. I do not see query I am making and in Fields column I only see 10 functions. Because my data is increasing counters I can not see relal data without derivative and math function and they are missing there.
Or perhaps something else is missing? InfluxDB, Kapacitor and Chronograf are instaled on the same Redhat7 host.


I’m guessing you will need to write the tick by yourself, with no UI…

Use the generated one as template/boilerplate and edit all you need to solve your needs! I had the same issue (join metrics, using regex…) and the only way to solve this is writting the scripts to kapacitor.

Sorry, i have no better answer!

@arturo-mondelo, I guess you are right I will need to go to scripting. Thanks for your reply.