Change password with InfluxDB v2 OSS

I have a self-hosted InfluxDB v2 2.6.1 instance. I have a single org and a single user in that org. I would like to change my password. I can’t find anything in the web UI.

When I access the influx CLI tool, I just get 401 Unauthorized for the influx user password command. How do I login to the CLI, so I can manage users? The influx auth command doesn’t seem to log me in.

influx auth create --org trevor
Error: failed to lookup org with name "trevor": 401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access

Hello @trevor,
I recommend setting up an influxdb config first:

Then following this:

Thanks, that is rather unconventional for most CLI tools out there. I would suggest either:

  1. Changing the behavior to use influx auth to create and authorize a connection
  2. Provide a useful error message to the user, to indicate the correct Influx CLI command to create a new connection

Appreciate the pointer!