Change password from CLI

New to influx, using it to feed grafana on a raspberry pi. Clearly I’m missing something basic since I don’t find any other questions in the forum on this topic (other than issue #16440, which was closed…but didn’t help me…), and can’t find answer in the influx doc (eg at “Update a user”).

I want to change my user password in the cli but only manage to get the error below (have tried many variants of the >command):

user password
ERR: error parsing query: found USER, expected SELECT, DELETE, SHOW, CREATE, DROP, EXPLAIN, GRANT, REVOKE, ALTER, SET, KILL at line 1, char 1

I’m using V2.0 OSS. Any and all help for such a basic question will be much appreciated.

You must not try it within the CLI. Just execute the command:

influx user password -n <your-username>


Thanks, Gerhard. That was one of the (many) I have tried:

user@$ influx user password -n
unknown arguments: user password -n

Am I missing something obvious?

@noequus have you tried the influx user password command? Docs here.

The error you originally posted looks something like a SQL parsing error, which I wouldn’t expect to see from the v2 CLI. Can you verify that the influx version command works & the output is what you’d expect?

Wow, thanks…am I feeling dumb. Turns out I am actually running 1.8.4 on this machine. I was experimenting with installs but obviously lost my lock on where things were…but never questioned it. Yikes.

In any case, used the 1.8 documentation and changed password in 10 seconds.

Thanks for bringing me back.