Can't delete scraper. How to delete it from influx cli?

Hi. I failed to delete scraper from my Influxdb web GUI.
Everytime I delete it there the UI would show this success pop-up.
But after I refresh the UI. The scraper is still there.
The scraper keep scraping data from one of the bucket and send it to an non existing bucket in my influxdb. My influxdb kept sending error message to journalctl.

I want to delete the scraper but the UI bugged and I can’t find anywhere to delete scraper in CLI.
Can somebody help? Thank you so much.

What if you restart the service? Are you still getting this error?
Hmm I might try to delete it with the API. The UI is notorious for having some bugs.

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Yes I did restarted the service using systemctl restart influxd
But the scraper still exist and I can’t delete it from UI.
Btw I have a telegraf config in UI that can’t delete before. But in the command line I can find telegraf config easily. So I deleted it from command line.
But how can I delete scraper using API? I didn’t saw that on the document.