Cant access secrets via HTTP API. 404 page not found


I’m trying to manage secrets via HTTP API. I receive error 404 page not found, for example:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: Token {TOKEN}'
	"code": "not found",
	"message": "404 page not found"

The token I am using should work - it is used by telegraf and it is working fine.

Hello @khataev,
Hmm thats very odd.
Could your org id be wrong?

I justs tried it for myself and I get this response

	"links": {
		"org": "/api/v2/orgs/9c2a84885dbca853",
		"self": "/api/v2/orgs/9c2a84885dbca853/secrets"
	"secrets": []

@Anaisdg I found the reason - the telegraf token I used had limited permissions (only to write to the bucket and not list of tokens). I created all access token and problem solved. Thanks!