Bug: Aggregators Basicstats Sum Function

I’m collecting data into Influx via telegraf,but the data was wrong. Telegraf aggregates them and stores aggregated and non-0aggregated data to InfluxDb. And I have a problem with Telegraf plugin aggregators.basicstats . It works incorrectly. Here is my telegraf.config:

  service_address = ":8086"
  token = ""
  tagexclude = ["host"]

# reqresp
  period = "2s"
  drop_original = false
  stats = ["count", "sum"]

  urls = [""]
  token = ""
  organization = "stress-platform"
  bucket = "ken_test"

As you can see the only plugin I use is [[aggregators.basicstats]] . It consumes all incoming data, summarizes their values and writes all data to InfluxDb. But total sum of aggregated data is much less than total sum of non-aggregated values. And I can’t understand why does it hapen? How do I aggregate data properly?

Looks like you’re getting help on the issue tracker. Incorrect data aggregation · Issue #9511 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub