Aggregator basicstats filtering is not working

Hi All,

Configurable Aggregator Basicstats seems to be already available as per the below links, but somehow didn’t work for me for Telegraf v1.5.0 (git: release-1.5 a1668bbf)

Also a new version of Telegraf released last week . But is not working with the new version as well.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

getting this error -

telegraf -config telegraf.conf
2018/01/16 12:05:18 E! Error parsing telegraf.conf, line 153: field corresponding to stats' is not defined in*basicstats.BasicStats’

And here is configuration for telegraf.conf -

period = “30s”
drop_original = true
stats = [“count”,“min”,“max”,“mean”]

The stats option is not yet available in 1.5, so you will have to comment that line out until 1.6 is released.

Thanks for your reply !!

Any idea when is 1.6 planned for release?

The target date is currently mid February. If you want to get the same functionality now you should be able to use fielddrop on the output plugin to remove the unwanted fields.

  fielddrop=["*_stddev", "*_s2"]

@daniel Hey there! Many thanks for the quick responses and suggestion to get the same functionality !!