Aggregate metrics at telegraf

Hi I am looking for a way to simply aggregate metrics at telegraf and then send it to influxdb.
Like i am used to of New Relic.
What new relic does is.

Ita agent collects data every 20 sec and then aggregate the values per minute and then sends this per minute values to portal. Means 3 sample of 20sec gets aggregated and mean of it gets send to the portal.

I wish if i can do similar thing by using telegraf and influxdb.


There are a couple possibilities depending on what type of data you are collecting, for application metrics you might be interested in using the statsd or prometheus inputs. For system and service metrics most collect without additional aggregation and perform downsampling if needed in InfluxDB.

@daniel thanks that sounds like alternative way. Would be glad if you can refer me a good link for using statsd and Prometheus inputs with influxdb


For either of these you would enable the corresponding input plugin in Telegraf. All of the input plugins are listed here, click on the names to link to the plugin documentation.