Need both stream and metrics outputs from telegraf



I have a source appliance (it is sealed to me, and not changeable) that can be configured to output its syslog data to a single receiver. I need to forward the raw syslog to kibana so it can be searched and used by various teams. I also need to analyze the syslog data and produce metrics, so I want to use an aggregator in telegraf that then outputs to an InfluxDB instance.

I haven’t found a way to configure an output plugin to skip the aggregators or processors. So I don’t think I can include both output plugins in the same instance of telegraf.

Right now, the only way I can think to accomplish this is by running two instances of telegraf:

  1. Configure the appliance to send the syslog to the first telegraf
  2. Configure the first telegraf to use the syslog input plugin
  3. Configure the first telegraf with two output plugins
    3.a. One to feed kibana
    3.b. One to feed the other instance of telegraf
  4. The second instance of telegraf would have an input plugin listening for the output of the first instance
  5. The second telegraf would run the ValueCounter plugin
  6. The second telegraf would have one output plugin configured to send the data to InfluxDB.

This seems unnecessarily complex; not to mention I haven’t figured out how to configure them as two independent services. I’d like to do this “the right way”, whatever way that may be.

Can someone either tell me how to fork a copy of the input to get a copy into Kibana, or verify my assumption that it can’t be done in a single instance of telegraf?



I think you will be able to do this. You will need a way to detect the aggregate data from the raw data using either the measurement name or tags. Here is an example (untested) with only the metric filtering:


  # add output=influxdb to aggregate metrics
    output = "influxdb"

  # remove temporary tag used internally for routing
  tagexclude = ["output"]
  # only handle metrics with output=influxdb
    output = ["influxdb"]

  # don't handle any metrics with output=influxdb
    output = ["influxdb"]

I wasn’t sure if you wanted all the data or only the aggregates to go to InfluxDB, if you want all the data then you can remove the tagpass from the InfluxDB output.


This looks very promising, thank you!