Beginners billing query

simple newbie query, just want to check how the billing is calculated. My InfluxDB cloud account currently shows 1.54GB-hr of storage.

Does that mean that

my monthly usage so far (1st-22nd) has used a cumulative storage amount 1.5GB-hr (1.5 * $0.002 = $0.003)


the 1.5GB-hr figure means I will be charged for (1.5 * $0.002 * 22 (days) * 24(hours) = $1.512)

Is there anywhere I can see my actual storage size? I can see MB-in and GB-out, but not GB-stored


Hello @davidgraham,
Welcome! It’s the former (less money). I’m fairly certain, but I’ll double check.

@davidgraham Confirming this and want to add a point. The metric you see in front of you is the metric directly pertaining to your bill. Total storage isn’t exposed today because it isn’t an accurate portrayal of the monthly bill.

Good news is, very soon there will be a Flux usage package that is designed specifically for you to customize your visibility into your usage metrics, as well as how they pertain to any rate limits you may have.

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Perfect, thank you both for getting back to me