Costs of InfluxDB Cloud rises

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the rising costs of my influxdb-cloud 2.0. I can track the costs with my aws-account after i ve done the subscription there. In the past days the cost rose to double the amout from the week before (see the picture below):

At first i thought that this might be because of the data which is ingested via a lambda api i created. But after taking a closer look into my billing console i acknowledged that the main cost is because of the query count.

This i find very strange after i did not query any data manually via my grafana instance the past week.

For further understandings.. i connected my influxdb-cloud to a grafana instance which is visualizing my db. This grafana instance has several alerting-functions which inform me if datapoints exceed specific values.

Is there any possibility that this cost-issue is because of my created alerts ? These alerts give me approx. 1 firing a day. And like i said in the time of July 4th till 7th i did not query any data via grafana.

Would really be glad if someone can help me with this subject.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:
Greetings Grafu

Hello @Grafunkell,
Yes, all alerts are just a specific type of task in InfluxDB which is just a query executed on a schedule.

Hey Ana, thank you very much for replying. Is there a way to optimize these alertings ?