Log of InfluxDB queries

Is there a way to see the queries into InfluxDB? I have 48k queries so far since the first of the month and I can’t tell where they’re coming from. I have no automation that would do this. All I did was configure a connector from EMQX that is pushing data into Influx every 15 minutes. I also have a Grafana dashboard configured to refresh every 15 minutes. Just in the last 6 hours the number jumped roughly 4k queries. The math doesn’t add up. It would be useful to see some logs to see who the offender is.


Hello @sambabic,
First is your logging enabled?

  # Determines whether HTTP request logging is enabled.
  log-enabled = true

  # The format of the log output. Can be one of "auto", "logfmt", or "json".
  log-format = "logfmt"

  # The path where HTTP access logs are written.
  access-log-path = "/var/log/influxdb/access.log"

If so are you getting any usueful information from that?

Where are you running influxdb v2?
This could be helpful