Influxdb cost metrics per bucket

We are using Influxdb cloud 2 for our internal stuff and are looking into expanding our use of it. I’m currently trying to understand the pricing of the service and would like to be able to get per bucket statistics about the pricing vectors (InfluxDB Cloud Serverless plans | InfluxDB Cloud Serverless Documentation).

I found this article (TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips — Using and Understanding the InfluxDB Cloud Usage Template | InfluxData) and tried the template and was able to get:

  • Global data in
  • Global data out
  • Global query count
  • Per bucket storage

Is it somehow possible to group the data in, data out and query count with buckets so that I could see which bucket is making queries / which one is expensive?

I tried to look into the flux behind it, but the data output for the experimental apis does not seem to have buckets.

Hello @juha-ylikoski,
Where are you running Cloud 2? Through the AWS partnership?
Cloud 2 is no longer offered by Influxdata.
That dashboard does group things by bucket:

This function also returns data for each bucket based on bucket ID which is what the template heavily uses:

Hi, we have an instance in

Yes the dashboard in the linked article has storage by bucket but it does not have: data in, data out and query count by bucket and the usage.from() function documentation states that the http_request and query_count measurements do not have bucket names or ids.

Our original problem was that we want to know how much each team/customer costs us. Our initial plan was to have a bucket per team/customer, and we could figure out on bucket level our rough costs. Is there some other advised way to do this?