InfluxDB storage requirements

Im planning to buy a small pc for a project of mine to gather data and was wondering how much storage space I would need.
Im collecting from 52 sources each at about 4 bytes/sec each.
Does influxdb have some queue data storage system? Or does it store all the data and will warn you when storage space is insufficient.
Lastly I would like to enquire on how much storage space you guys would recommend.

52 sources @ 4 bytes each per second = 208 bytes per second.

The question is, how many seconds of data do you want to store?


Ahh that answers my question.
It all makes sense. Didn’t think of it that way.
Lets say 24h worth of data so around 43mb worth if my math checks out
But is it recommended to use a micro sd card to store the data? Since the card will be written to often.

I would say “no”.

I would also calculate 52 x 4 = 208 bytes per second.

208 x 3600 = 748800 bytes per hour. Divide by 1024 = 731 kbytes per hour.

731 x 24 = 17550 kbytes per day = 17 Mbytes.