How does it calculate influxdb cloud storage size/price?


I want to ask how does it calculate influxDB cloud storage size and price. I have uploaded 9,7MB (DATA IN) and in UI it shows 0,13GB-hr. But if you take 9,7MB / 1000MB = 0,0097 GB… Can someone explain to me how this calculation works? In this article Putting You in Control of Your InfluxDB Cloud Spend | InfluxData you have defined storage as a “How much data you’re storing”, Also in this article View InfluxDB Cloud data usage | InfluxDB Cloud Documentation storage is defined as a “Total disk usage in gigabytes.”

Hello @D_B,
The Data In doesn’t equate the storage (GB-hr).
You are charged $0.002/GB-hr.

Also want to add a point. The metric you see in front of you is the metric directly pertaining to your bill. Total storage isn’t exposed today because it isn’t an accurate portrayal of the monthly bill. However you can use this package in Cloud:

To get more visibility into your usage.
There is a template as well:

Does that help?