Backup no error but no file

hello team

I’m using influxdb for collecting data from a weather station and I’m unable to backup the influxdb config & data :

I’m running Influxdb.2 in a docker container on a raspberry PI4.
I’m trying to backup all the data.
When inside the container using docker exec -it influxdb /bin/bash,
I use the command
root@ef51dee3b771:/# influx backup \ /var/lib/influxdb2/backup \ -t mytoken

but nothing seems happen and no file is generated
what am I doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance

I assume you have double-checked your token? I believe this requires the root authentication token (the token created for the first user in the InfluxDB setup process).

Yes I tried with the token created when I created the container and several others created for this.
I also tried without a token, I receive an error due to access issue as expected…