Influxdb backup when using docker containers (IOTstack)

Hi to everybody!
Thanks for this community!
I´m using Influxdb for my solar project since two month - but I´m totaly a newbi :wink:
My system is running on a raspberry pi in docker containers - I used IOTstack from github for this kind of installation.
Now I would need a little help from the experts.
My system is running well - I can do backups of the whole system (1:1 backup) - so my data are safe.
But - and this is what I can´t do yet (because of my knowledge) - I want to backup the influxdb database and in the best case to do operations like described on the influx HP (Back up and restore data in InfluxDB v1.8 | InfluxDB OSS 1.8 Documentation). I want to choice from which date till today I want to restore data. With my backups I can only backup the whole database without any selection.
I use Influxdb 1.8, a Raspberry Pi 4B, SSH and VNC (GUI).
Perhaps somebody has a “manual” for me to do backups like I described?!

Thanks in advance for your support!


Hello @sebther2,
I don’t think you can backup data like that. I think its all or nothing.
However you might be interested in using edge to data replication

As a substitute solution.