Influxdb 2.x OSS backup and restore

Is there any efficient, fast, incremental InfluxDB 2.x database backup solution ?
It seems to only have backup full / partial and restore.

Hi @Erikson,
This is the immediate solution at the moment. If you wanted something more incremental you could look into Edge Data Replication: InfluxDB Edge Data Replication | InfluxDB

You could then have a backup InfluxDB storing your backup data.

I would essentially do it like this:
InfluxDB Primary instance (primary bucket → backup task (24h - 2d) → EDR bucket → Edge Data Replication) → InfluxDB backup instance ( Backup bucket)

Otherwise, you will have to come up with your own script using the InfluxDB Client libraries. I will be creating a Flux input plugin for Telegraf in the future which might also help a little with this issue. Most of the official incremental backup features are saved for enterprise

Hi @Jay_Clifford ,
Thank you for the quick reply.