Incremental backups through the CLI since 2.0

I noticed that the influxDB lacks the ability to do incremental backups for 2.0+ - that is, there is no way to set a range from which backups occur any longer. I Have a use case where I’m using an Influxdb database as an in-flight store (think data logger for a remote application) where the data must be transported off for warehousing once the unit returns from the field. I was planning on using the backup to transfer data during this time and have a mounted drive where these backups occur with some periodicity.

The problem is that without incremental backups, this method will not work effectively without recording redundancy.

Aside from a bespoke backup from the data itself, are there any in-built ways to achieve this?


I am facing similar issue where the data size is > 2TB. The backups are taking longer everytime with increase in data. Incremental data backups are much needed in 2.0.

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Is there any plans to add this functionality?

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any news on this Topic? Would also be needed by me for the same reasons…

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I’m having the same problem too.
Incremental backup is very important