Backup data from docker container?



i am running the latest influxdb docker container (this one on my synology nas.
however, i did not find a way to backup my data…

in the docs it says to backup /data and /mount, however, these directories do not exist when i log into my docker container. also, there is no /var/opt/influxdb/meta, /var/opt/influxdb/data, nor /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf directory/file.

the main reason that i run services like influx dockerized is that i can easily backup my data (by mounting those directories to local folders which are automatically backed up). it does not seem to work for influx, however.

it’s not like this data is super important to me (mostly dht22 sensor readings), but i’d like to have a backup for just in case. could somebody please help me out? thanks in advance :slight_smile: