Azure SaaS for existing InfluxDB Cloud Organization


I created a InfluxDB Cloud organization on Free Plan. Due to customer demand, we need to upgrade it to a Usage-Based Plan.
Since I don’t have access to credit card information, I was hoping to use Azure SaaS plan (The org is hosted on Azure)
Is it possible to upgrade an existing organization to SaaS plan, or do I need to create a new organization and replicate the data?

Thank you for your answers

Hi Lukas,
Welcome to the community! The paid services are a little out of my realm of expertise. So let me bring in the big guns :slight_smile: .

@tim.hall What would be the best route for Lukas to take in this instance?

Create a new account via Azure Marketplace and replay the data in. There isn’t really a way to do this. Also, there isn’t a way to sign-up for a free tier offering through the Azure integrated billing. So, yeah, if you’ve proven the value and are ready to flip to paid on your Azure bill… its time.

You will run into a problem if the email account for your Azure marketplace is the same as your free tier. (This is a restriction we are removing in the next few weeks…) But, if you have trouble signing up via Azure, please reach out to our support team.

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