Agentless way of gathering metrics

Is there any agentless way to gather metrics and store in influxdb without installing agent on the machine ?
I am aware of telegraf snmp input just wondering any other options are there. Some of our internal dont want to install agents on their vms

It really depends on the type of data you want to collect, any of the plugins that operate over the network should work, but for example plugins like cpu which require access to the local filesystem, you won’t be able to do it remotely with Telegraf. Sometimes there are alternate ways to measure these types of metrics when using a hypervisor, for example the vsphere plugin can do this remotely.

I really recommend the local agent approach though. Some of the advantages are faster more reliable sending of application metrics to the agent, better batching to decrease network utilization, and easier deployment since it is always known what the location of the agent is (localhost) and where the location of the monitored service is (also localhost).