Agentless http monitoring (without an agent)

Hello all,

I know we can use telegraf to monitor all metric of a Linux web server but I would like to monitor the http status of a remote machine where I can’t install any agent.

So is there an easy way from a central point to monitor 5-10 webserver ? The only thing we are interested is the http response code and the response time ?

We have a influxdb and telegraf on a central server already running.

It would be interesting to be able to monitor all popular internet service on remote machine

  • http / https
  • smtp
  • dns.

Maybe this is already possible and I just miss it.



You can use the http_response plugin in Telegraf to do the HTTP services, for dns look at dns_query, and for smtp try net_response. All of these will work from a remote machine.

Hourra !

thanks for the information I will look into this next week