Advice for tags

Hi there,

i have a generall question:
I got a couple of use-cases where devices are reporting readings and tag them with their device id.

For working with the data the human-readble name of the device is needed.

Is it really the best way, to run a kapacitor task that add those human readable names as tags?

Please advice.



Hello @TimmiB,
It depends, how are you writing data into InfluxDB?

Hello @Anaisdg,

in one case the data is written with curl directly from a wifi-router. In the other case, also with curl, but from a raspberrypi collecting data over radio from temperature sensors and the third case snmp data from a switch collected with raspberry pi with telegraf.

So in the first case i got MAC-adresses, in the second four-digit alph-numeric like ‘a4f2’ and in the third port numbers as tags.

What i am looking for is some kind of labeling, aliasing which i would solve in the relational database world with a simple join to lookup.



If you know the mappings at collection time, you can use the enum processor in Telegraf. You could send the curl data also though Telegraf using the influxdb_listener input.

  namepass = ["snmp"]
    tag = "device_id"
    dest = "device"
    default = "unkown"
      "a" = "device a"
      "b" = "device b"

Works like a charm! Thank you very much!