User-friendly tag values for Chronograf?


I’ve had a quick look at Chronograf for ad-hoc viewing of our data and it could be useful to us.

However we have one problem: our devices are identified by a single tag, __devhash, which is a 64-character hexadecimal string. This is not particularly user-friendly if I want to examine the data for a particular site.

Is there some way to tell Chronograf to add information to the tags, e.g. by doing a query to another database (Postgres), to map the tag values to some other user-friendly identifier?


Hey @JeremySTX, chronograf doesn’t support that right now, but, you could read the data in with kapacitor and rewrite it back out to influxdb. Kapacitor can be configured with a user-defined function that looks up information from another database.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to work too well for us, the “user friendly data” is not something we want to have stored in InfluxDB (otherwise we would have put it there to begin with).

However it’s good to know that Kapacitor has that level of functionality, it might come in handy elsewhere.