500 Internal Server Error

MacOS Big Sur, following the steps in the Get started with InfluxDB

brew install influxdb # v2.0.4 installed
influxd # confirmed messages in Security and Privacy

2021-03-22T13:56:17.290672Z info Listening {“log_id”: “0T2ZOs1G000”, “transport”: “http”, “addr”: “:8086”, “port”: 8086}

influx setup # user name, bucket, retention configured ok

Opening http://localhost:8086 always returns 500 Internal Server Error

I run LuLu for port monitoring, but it successfully recognized influxd and created and Allow rule. I also tried disabling LuLu altogether, same result.

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I am having this same problem, I have seen a few people ask on slack but there is no response anywhere.

Same issue with a fresh install from homebrew. Appears to be listening but not seeing anything from the influxd logs…

~/P/learn-influxdb ❯ lsof -i tcp:8086
influxd 72917 sean   23u  IPv6 0xfbe449acd2b7966f      0t0  TCP *:8086 (LISTEN)

~/P/learn-influxdb ❯ curl localhost:8086
500 Internal Server Error

Same issue trying to install on Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave
when i try to do the setup using the terminal, i enter my data and get
Confirm? (y/n): y
Error: failed to setup instance: unauthorized access

Thanks for letting us know, can somebody open an issue on our Github to track this?

This issue is being tracked here:

and here…

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