401 Unauthorised access after upgrade to 2.1 from 1.8

Hi there,

I am trying to upgrade an influxDB instance from 1.8 to 2.1 on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

After installing the CLI and the influxdb v2, I tried differents procedures, and had to rollback to 1.8 several times since I always end up with the same blocking step:

After upgrading procedure is done, I cannot use any admin commands from influx CLI.

For example:

$ influx user list
Error: failed to list users: 401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access
$ influx auth create --org my_org --all-access
Error: failed to lookup org with name "my_org": 401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access

InfluxDB service is started and running with a specific user influxdb.

I find it difficult to follow the exact upgrading and migration steps from the procedures listed below:

But it seems to me that I followed all the steps.

Obviously I am missing something but I cannot find similar issues on the community topics or the web.

Can someone please help me to unblock this migration ?

Thank you for your help !

In v2 you have to add your token.
‘influx user list -t “YourToken”’

Thank you for your answer @NorbertB

I also tried the command using the token as flags to influx CLI or as environment variables.

I ended up openning an issue since I cannot proceed with this migration.

If someone actually manage to migrate a 1.8 to 2.1 influxDB database following the automatic or manual upgrade documentation please let me know so I can understand more precisely what is missing.