Unauthorized access


I have installed influx (v 2.6.1-1) on Ubuntu following the instructions on the webpage (for Ubuntu & Debian)

After Installation, i start the service and enter all informations for the initial user (pass, org, bucket). Influx starts well, but i never got the root token!

I also tried the setup via console

I found that i can retreive the token via influxd recovery auth list and even if i got it there, i did not work
I tried to create an additional user with

influx -n [name] -p [pass] --org-id [oid] -t [token]

  1. -o orgname does not work. It never finds the orgname
  2. I always get authorization failed 401

Even for small task like list users or list orgs I got authorization failed.

Is 2.6.1-1 working?

I reinstalled everything and with

influxd recovery auth list

i got now Error: bucket “authorizationsv1”: bucket not found and it is trying to use bolt file from /root/.influxdbv2/influxd.bolt instead var lib