Problem with credentials/auth

I have a problem with my credentials and I’m not able to solve it:
In the CLI the command influx bucket list works as expected (I can see the same bucket as in the Web GUI.
But listing org, auth and user results in empty lists.

So I thought: Maybe my credentials got corrupted (I started this instance with InfluxDB 1.x and am now at the current version 2.6).
I created a new operator token with influxd recovery auth create-operator but this token seems to be useless. When trying influx org list -t THE_OPERATOR_TOKEN I just get an error 401 (unathorized access)

How can I regain a token, that can execute all operations?


Nevermind I solved my issue:
when using the influxd command it is mandatory to also use the option --bolt-path because the default value is useless. In my case (Debian) I had to use --bolt-path /var/lib/influxdb/influxd.bolt
The default value creates a new influxd.bolt file in the user home which is not very helpful.

I would suggest to make the --bolt-path a required option when using influxd.