Writing large data in influxdb AWS

I am using the following code to insert data in influxdb:

class InfluxDB:

    def __init__(self):
        token = "ABC"
        self.org = "ABC"
        server = "localhost"
        port = "8086"
        self.client = InfluxDBClient(url=f"http://{server}:{port}", token=token)

    def write_data(self, data):
        bucket = "ABC"
        write_api = self.client.write_api(write_options=SYNCHRONOUS)
        write_api.write(bucket, self.org, data, write_precision=WritePrecision.S)

I am using a t2.micro instance and data size is approx 20-50 MB with 6*10^5 rows

each of type:
day,symbol=ABC,series=ABC,market_type=N,exchange=ABC,isin=ABC open=123,high=123.0,low=123.25,close=123.65,prev_close=123.25,total_volume=123,total_value=123.25,total_trade=123.0,delivery=123 1605292200

I don’t why instance is getting overloaded and stop writing values after reading 3000 rows only.

@bednar? Any thoughts?

Hi @anoop_yadav,

Could you share debug log from client?

self.client = InfluxDBClient(url=f"http://{server}:{port}", token=token, debut=True)

Please check your hardware sizing by following doc: https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.8/guides/hardware_sizing/#data-nodes