Influx DB storage

Hey Guys!!
I am new to InfluxDB and I want to know how my aws server based influxdb intance is taking this much space ie I inserted only 250MB of Data but it stores around 2GB of data and this thing happen again when I inserted around 2.5GB data it took around 20GB of storage…

My code:-
this is my Point structure:
“measurement”: row[‘symbol’],
“tags”: {
“option_type”: row[‘option_type’],
“expiry_date”: row[‘expiry_date’],
“price”: row[‘strike_price’],
“time”: ist_datetime, # Set the timestamp
“fields”: {
“symbol”: row[‘symbol’],
“open”: row[‘open’],
“high”: row[‘high’],
“low”: row[‘low’],
“close_ltp”: row[‘close_ltp’],
“open_interest”: row[‘open_interest’],
“vol”: row[‘vol’],
“strike_price”: row[‘strike_price’]

my write query:-

self.write_api.write(bucket=self.bucket,, record=next_task)

my client is intalised as:-

self.client = InfluxDBClient(url= self.url, token=self.token,, debug=False, timeout=10000)
self.write_api = self.client.write_api(
write_options=WriteOptions(write_type=WriteType.batching, batch_size=50_000, flush_interval=10_000))

Hi welcome, if you’re just getting started, I’d pause any major efforts until influxdb 3.0 becomes available. Reports are it provides literally game changing improvements for speed and storage (90% reduced).

If you cannot wait, skip the flux language and focus on learning influxql (sql).