Why does my infulxdb only insert a new data every 10 seconds?

I wrote a timed task in c# to insert one row of data per second,
but I found that only one row of data is inserted every 10 seconds.
I also noticed that new insert requests within 10 seconds will only update the same row of data and not insert a new one.
What is the setting that causes this and how do I change it?
The version of influxdb is 2.2, I downloaded it from the website and started it directly without changing any configuration.

Hi @afowne,
To me, that sounds like an issue with the timestamp being sent to InfluxDB. InfluxDB will only replace data when the timestamp is exactly the same and there are no unique tags to distinguish data.

thank your for suggestion,i use c# client to request the operation.
i have sent the timestamp to the InfluxDB,but the problem doesn’t fix.
here’s my code ,hop for your help,thanks

var time = DateTime.UtcNow;
            var point = PointData
              .Tag("host", "host1")
              .Field("used_percent", r.NextDouble() * 100)
              .Timestamp(DateTime.UtcNow, WritePrecision.Ns);

            using (var writeApi = client.GetWriteApi())
                writeApi.WritePoint(point, bucket, org);