What does bind-address in [flux] section control?


To give you the bigger picture, I’m trying to run InfluxDB 1.5.2 using environment variables (without editing config). Doing that I’ve run into bind-address setting in back then [ifql] and now [flux] section I suppose. This section is not documented. So, I wonder what it controls.

ifql or flux is probably the new query language. I saw flux repository, and it seems like to be able to use it you’ve got to install and run it separately. Although some other information suggests that it was embedded into nightlies (3).

So, this another process is reading the same influxdb.conf? And uses bind-address to choose what to listen to? And to do Flux queries I connect to this process, and it in its turn connects to InfluxDB? And the reason I don’t see anything listening to port 8082 is because I didn’t start this extra process?

Thanks in advance.

3: ://community.influxdata.com/t/cant-get-flux-to-work/6413/6

You need to be running InfluxDB 1.7.0 or higher to support Flux. You said you are running 1.5.2 which doesn’t support it.

Even if it has [ifql] section?

Yes. ifql is the standard(old) was which is InfluxQL.
Your InfluxDB server must be at least 1.7.0 to get Flux working properly

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