Warning from telefraf on inputs.opcua


When i configure my telegraf for taking inputs form opcua i get a warning on not finding cert.perm even if security_policy = “None” and security_mode = “None”.

From config:
name = “opcua”
endpoint = “…”
connect_timeout = “10s”
request_timeout = “5s”
security_policy = “None”
security_mode = “None”
auth_method = “Anonymous”
timestamp = “gather”
nodes = […]

W! [inputs.opcua] Failed to load certificate: open /etc/telegraf/cert.pem: The system cannot find the path specified.

What i understand from the documentation is that the cert.perm is not needed when these parameters (security_policy & security_mode) are set to “None”.
I mean, it is just a warning and the system still works, but i didnt expect it to look for that file. Is this expected warning/behaviour?


You can ignore the warning, but I agree that this is not very intuitive. Can you please open an issue at New Issue · influxdata/telegraf (github.com)?!

Alright, thx alot.
I will do that :slight_smile: