VMware vSphere Plugin - connection to sdk doesn't seem to work


I have installed Telegraf on a server and I’m trying to pull metrics from my
VMware vCenter 6.7 and push to Influx to monitor data on Grafana with this Dashboard : https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/8159

But the vSphere Input Plugin start and nothing happens, i don’t have any data on my dashboard

Here is Telegraf’s log :

2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Starting Telegraf 1.14.0,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Using config file: /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Loaded aggregators: ,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Loaded inputs: cpu disk kernel vsphere system diskio mem processes swap,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Loaded outputs: influxdb,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Loaded processors: ,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! Tags enabled: host=INFVM-FORGE-MONITOR,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! [agent] Config: Interval:10s, Quiet:false, Hostname:“INFVM-FORGE-MONITOR”, Flush Interval:10s,
2020-04-02T16:19:15Z I! [inputs.vsphere] Starting plugin

I edited telegraf.conf to

add influxdb localhost IP + username and password :

adding vsphere input plugin like said in the dashboard documentation :

I’m running influx / telegraf / grafana on docker containers that are on the same network as the vCenter

How can i do to make it work ?


I have the same issue. Did you ever solve this?