Using sub-identifier to map interface name between tables with SNMP and Telegraf

I am trying to use some Arista MIBs. Here is the data…

snmpwalk -v2c -c ijLbcz8A cr01.ny5 ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueueTable | more
ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped.1001.0 = Counter64: 2324710
ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped.1002.0 = Counter64: 0
ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped.1003.0 = Counter64: 0
ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped.1004.0 = Counter64: 0
ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped.2001.0 = Counter64: 40234548330

I am trying to figure out how to get Telegraf to map the interface index to the ifName interface index. So far I’ve had little success.

Here is the relevant config…

name = “Net-System”
inherit_tags = [ “hostname” ]
index_as_tag = true
oid = “ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueueTable”
oid_index_suffix = “1”
oid = “ARISTA-QUEUE-MIB::aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped”
oid_index_suffix = “.0”
secondary_index_table = true

This does get me the index value in a renamed tag…

Net-System,agent_host=cr01.ny1,host=nw01.ny1,hostname=CR01.NY1,ifName=50004 aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped=0i 1655064969000000000
Net-System,agent_host=cr01.ny1,host=nw01.ny1,hostname=CR01.NY1,ifName=28001 aristaIngressQueuePktsDropped=0i 1655064969000000000

But I don’t know how to get telegraf to reference the ifName values and replace those indexes with them.