Telegraf SNMP plugin: Gathering tags from multiple SNMP tables


I’m trying to collect CPU busy percentage measurements from a Cisco IOS XR network device via SNMP. In order to achieve this, data needs to be merged from two SNMP tables.
The measurent values are located in cpmCPUTotalTable which is part of CISCO-PROCESS-MIB. The table itself does not contain any useful information about the CPU entity to which the value belongs. However, the column cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex references the corresponding index from entPhysicalTable which would be needed to retrieve additional tags.
Is there any way how I could fetch data from both SNMP tables for a single measurement using the SNMP plugin?

Telegraf version: 1.2.1


You can get values from multiple tables and report them in a single measurement as either fields or tags. The first telegraf config example in the SNMP documenation shows a single table, but you can specify as many as you like.


I’m aware of the fact that generally multiple tables can be used. However, when using multiple tables, a measurement will be created for each row in the table.
In the concrete example, it would be needed to aggregate data from two tables for a single data point.


It would be helpful if you could post a simplified version of both what you are getting and what you want to have.


I got the same Problem. For future refeference: there is a feature request for this: