Using MongoDB and InfluxDB to query the data


I am facing an issue to query the data from InfluxDB. I have my time series data in InfluxDB and device information like ID’s and other meta data in MongoDB. For example, I have many sensors across various companies and various devices with multiple types and, InfluxDB has the data of device type and its parameters but MongoDB has the the complete data of all the location ID’s, company ID’s, etc. Is there a way in which I can pass the string of ID’s or all the ID’s that I want from mongoDB to InfluxDB to obtain the data I want? Currently, if I want the data of all the companies together then there is no way in which I can do that except for getting the data for each company individually and then merge the data. Thanks in advance.

@Shravan Currently, there isn’t an official Flux/MongoDB integration, but that is certainly something you could submit a feature request for. Just create a new issue on the Flux repo. I can’t guarantee how quickly it’ll happen, but of others express interest as well, that will improve its chances of happening sooner than later.