Using Influx Cloud in Multiple AWS regions

I have signed up for Influx Cloud in the west region via AWS marketplace to try it out. Now I would like to also use it in the east region as well. If I navigate to the us-east url, it will not let me log in there stating I need to create an account. Creating an account does not work either, stating account already exists. Am I missing something here? Thanks

Hello @stanton009,
Are you creating a new account with a new email?

The US-East endpoint indicates I don’t have an account, but if I try to create one (same email), it states I already have an account.

Hello @stanton009,
You have to create a new account in a new region with a different email.

Can I just cancel my account via the AWS Marketplace, and then re-sign up in the East region?

Hello @stanton009,
Did you sign up via the AWS Marketplace?
If you signed up from
Then the easiest thing to do right now is to contact support InfluxData Support

The ability to delete your account from the UI is currently being worked on and should be released shortly.

Thank you.

@Anaisdg - yes via the AWS marketplace. i think the feature needed is the ability to switch between regions with a single login.