Use existing telegraf.conf for InfluxDB configuration

Hello everyone!

On Windows installed:
telegraf —> C:\Program Files\telegraf
InfluxDB → C:\Program Files\InfluxData\influxdb


  1. telegraf is running as Windows service with telegraf.conf file (for perf counters monitoring)
  2. InfluxDB 2.7.1 install and run as Windows service on the same machine
  3. InfluxDB UI is started successfully
  4. telegraf is collect perf counters and send to Grafana via Graphite collector server


  1. Import/add existing telegraf.conf file as source in InfluxDB UI
  2. add to tekegraf.conf block for collection [[inputs.rabbitmq]] metrics
  3. connect InfluxDB as source to Grafana
  4. Create dasnboards for collected RabbitMQ counters

can give a little guide on how to do it with details?


Not sure what this means :slight_smile: What we expect is most users to have telegraf running somewhere and it will have an output to influxdb.

  1. add to tekegraf.conf block for collection [[inputs.rabbitmq]] metrics

Take a look at: for the various configuration options for rabbitmq. Depending on what your data looks like in rabbitmq, you may also need to configure a parser with settings to parse the data before sending it to influxdb:

  1. connect InfluxDB as source to Grafana

There are lots of guides on adding InfluxDB to Grafana, try out: Get started with Grafana and InfluxDB | Grafana documentation