Upgrade 2.0 beta 16 -> 2.1 -- sub-step 2.0 rc0 download

For a (too) long time, I do run InfluxDB 2.0.0-beta16 on Ubuntu. Always had in mind to upgrade to the mainstream 2.0 but never had the time and need for it. Today 2.1 is the latest version that is also installable and updateable from apt-get, and I finally have some time.

Starting point is this page: Upgrade from InfluxDB 2.x to InfluxDB 2.1 | InfluxDB OSS 2.1 Documentation
Remark right at the top: If you’re upgrading from InfluxDB 2.0 beta-16 or earlier, you must first upgrade to InfluxDB 2.0, and then complete the steps below.

Ok, new page: Upgrade from InfluxDB 2.0 beta to InfluxDB 2.0 (stable) | InfluxDB OSS 2.0 Documentation
Step 4: If you haven’t already, download the InfluxDB OSS 2.0rc

There we go, next page is the downloads page (not allowed to post the link…)
But now… there is no link to 2.0rc0 anymore…

This forum, slack and google didn’t help me finding it. Can one of you point me to the correct direction?


Hello @bastiaanslee,
I actually recommend holding off on upgrading to 2.x. Instead I’d wait for 3.x OSS to release later this year.
It offers significant performance benefits and is centered around interoperability so you don’t have to learn Flux. Instead you can use InfluxQL and SQL with 3.x OSS.

InfluxDB 3.0 is up to 45x Faster for Recent Data Compared to InfluxDB Open…

In this post, we look at recent benchmarks comparing InfluxDB 3.0 to InfluxDB Open Source (OSS) 1.8. influxdb

Yes i fyou wanted to build 2.0 I believe you’d have to look for the old build and build from source.