Uniform display of different retention policies

We are using RPs (7days, 30days, infinite) to store data in different time span with different precision. Grafana is used to visualize measurements of a single RP. We have to switch from 7days graph to 30 days graph in order to see older data. This is because (1) RPs are different (2) field names are different: CQs will produce field names with prefix “mean_”.

Is it possible to have a uniform display (like Zabbix or similar systems) without switching to a different graph?

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That’s a very good question.

I don’t think this is supported right now. Hoping :crossed_fingers: that in IFQL you can preprocess query by changing what is being requested based on time range.

Just because I already have a middle tier between Grafana and InfluxDB, I was thinking to add logic there if I ever need to rollup (“downsample”) data.