Two (or more) charts in the same cell of the dashboard

How to put two (or even more) time series into the same cell of the dashboard? For example, I have a voltage on my sensor, and I want to have a chart showing that voltage over time and one red line showing minimal battery voltage.

Help yourself.

I found the way how to add two-time series from the bucket, but I mean about the continuous line.

I created a flow in the Node-Red using Inject and Mqtt-output:

I can subscribe to this topic from the command line.
I added this topic to the topics in the MQTT consumers list in the section in the Telegraf configuration.
I restarted Telegraf and even InfluxDb services.
But I still don’t see this topic attached to the bucket configured in the consumer section.

What I’m missing?

Help yourself again.

It looks like it can be only one topic in the topics list for the MQTT consumer. When I changed the topic for the newly created MQTT output then it appeared on the list of measurements for the basket attached to the MQTT consumer. So, why item topics in the MQTT consumer section is an array? I don’t understand it.

Next strange thing. When I tried to add this constant line representing minimal value for the batteries and I added it to the graph having a lot more data than for this newly created “measurement” then my graph… disappeared. When I removed it, my graph appeared again.