Telegraf - MQTT Multiple Topic


I am getting data from two topics from an MQTT broker. In one topic the data is temperature data and in the second topic, the data is vibration data. As per the following configuration, the data from both topic will be added with the measurement as point_data.
How can I add different measurement ‘temperature’ for topic “temperature/simulated/0” and measurement ‘vibration’ for topic "“vibrartion/simulated/0”?

    servers = ["tcp://$HOST_IP:1883"]
    topics = [
    name_override = "point_data"
    data_format = "json"

The easiest way is to simply make a second [[inputs.mqtt_consumer]] entry with the same URL and the other topic. You will end up with 2 connections to the MQTT broker, but I know it works because I do it all the time. :slight_smile: