Tweak memory usage

Hi, I’d like to know if there is a way to reduce the RAM memory usage of InfluxDB2 . Starting from an empty state, it allocates around 400MB, and it start increasing the usage of RAM if you access dashboards. For some usages on servers where you run other services it could be too high


I really do not think 400 Mbytes memory usage is a lot.

Can you tell us how much memory it ends up using after you access some
dashboards, and which you consider to be a problem for your server?


Hi @Pooh, now a day 400MB is not a lot , however I wonder if there is some settings that allow us to drop the memory usage. In my case, InfluxDB v2 is running within a server with 2GB RAM and it is running with no more room for allocate more memory.

Have you looked at
and searched for all config options which include the term “memory”?

Also, it would probably also help people give more useful advice if you tell
us a bit about the type and quantity of data you are putting into Influx.



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