High memory usage

Hey. Im new into influxdb, but have important question.
I have cluster full from vm with 2vcpu, 4gam…
And netdata&influxdb service for store netdata mertics (installed using this guide: https://computingforgeeks.com/monitor-linux-server-with-netdata-and-grafana/), for this im using opentsdb. But most or ram on vm is used for influxdb (really, like more than 2GB (50%) ram is using for influxdb).

Is there any way to decrease memory usage for influxdb, because its very important for me?


My opentsdb config:

  enabled = true
  bind-address = ":4242"
  database = "opentsdb"
  # retention-policy = ""
  # consistency-level = "one"
  # tls-enabled = false
  # certificate= "/etc/ssl/influxdb.pem"
  # Log an error for every malformed point.
  # log-point-errors = true

  # These next lines control how batching works. You should have this enabled
  # otherwise you could get dropped metrics or poor performance. Only points
  # metrics received over the telnet protocol undergo batching.

  # Flush if this many points get buffered
  # batch-size = 1000

  # Number of batches that may be pending in memory
  # batch-pending = 5

  # Flush at least this often even if we haven't hit buffer limit
  # batch-timeout = "1s"

Influxdb memory usage from one vm`s

Influxdb usage when i restart it
image 2

can someone help please!!?